Baby Shower Catering

You are welcoming a new member to your family and Baby Shower everyone is coming together to celebrate. It can be difficult to plan a party, especially if the surprise is as unexpected as baby showers can sometimes turn out to be. Corky’s Catering can help you with every step! No matter where you are located, welcome the new bundle of joy! Enjoy delicious food and style as Corky’s Catering serves up the best in catering. We can deliver to your home or venue, and we offer full-service catering. We can take care of everything for you, including setting up the dessert station and ensuring that the cake is on time. The best part about welcoming your new baby into the world is that you can relax and enjoy being surrounded by those you love.

All you Need is Love

We provide everything you need, including love! You can choose from one of our menu options or make your own. We are available to assist you in organizing a baby shower that will bring joy, love and delicious food to the mother-to be.

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Catering for baby showers is crucial as guests expect good food at most events. We can help you with this daunting task. Our quality catering team offers many options for catering to meet everyone’s needs and wants. Baby showers are a great place to enjoy a variety of food, including finger foods and healthy vegetables.

You have to consider the needs and wants of your guests when choosing what food you serve. There are many delicious options to suit everyone’s tastes. Your guest will enjoy finger foods like chicken, turkey, and ham sandwiches. These sandwiches also come in many other flavor combinations.

What do you cater for a Baby Showers Catering?

As healthy and delicious as fruits and vegetables, they make a great choice for catering. Grapes, apples, and other fresh fruit can make your baby shower more organic and give you the opportunity to surround your future blessings with good habits long before they are even born.

Brownies, cupcakes, and candies are great options for sweet tooth guests. They can also be used to satisfy any cravings at your baby shower. Options such as cheese plates and fruit salads, meatball sliders, deviled eggs, and meatball sliders are great options for more formal baby showers. Drinks are an important part of any celebration, but often go unnoticed. Guests need to stay hydrated so catering options like sweet tea, tropical punch, and cold water can make your baby shower even more memorable.

Every Family Event is Different, according to our Catering Company

Baby showers are not all the same. Many guests prefer to have a simple hors-d’oeuvres tray, light breakfast or a brunch service. Corky’s baby shower caterers will work with your to create the event you have in mind. We can cater any type of event, including a Mexican fiesta or dessert from one of Chicago’s finest bakeries. We can deliver food to your house or provide complete service. We can help you make the right choices in choosing a venue, making the right decisions and putting on a party that is both affordable and suits your needs. We want to help you make the right choice.

If you want to have an unforgettable time at your social event in Addison, IL and you need to ensure that all food is delicious and affordable, our catering company is here for you.

We can help you plan your baby shower catering

It’s not easy to host a baby shower. It’s not easy to host friends and family while also taking care of the mother-to-be. We can help with the presentation and planning. You don’t have to shoulder all the responsibility. It shouldn’t be a burden!

Corky’s event planners are here to make it easy for you. For a taste of our offerings, take a look at our printable menus and call us at (630) 491-6467 today to make your baby shower memorable!

Our team is able to assist people at corporate events as well as wedding reception events, anniversary parties, and birthday parties. We are happy to help you plan a great event in Addison, IL.

Learn how we can help you celebrate your special occasion or provide delicious food options for your social events in Buffalo Grove, Oak Park, and the general Addison, IL region. Corky’s Catering is the best company to provide quality catering services in Addison Il.

There are so many options

When you consider all the decisions you will have to make during this important event, your stress levels could spike to eleven. You have to think about the venue, food, decorations, cute games for babies, invitations and other details. Don’t worry.

Corky’s Catering is a professional catering company with over 40 years experience in executing flawless events. We’ll help you understand what you need and make sure you have the right choices. We are flexible and can work within any budget. We can provide you with great ideas and help you plan the perfect baby shower. We offer flexible catering options and competitive prices in Chicago. We will even accommodate a whole branch of your family tree if it happens to be unexpectedly.

What kind of appetizers do I need for a baby shower?

  • There are many options for those who want to divide their catering into sections so that they can provide appetizers or entrees to their guests.
  • Sandwich wraps, mini sandwiches and fruit slices make excellent appetizers. It is easy to over-categorize and serve more food than you actually need.

The perfect number of appetizers for each person is between four and eight, depending on how many guests are attending and how long they will be waiting to eat their main meal. Although baby showers can be done with only appetizers, guests may want to include a larger meal. Salads and pasta can be served as a send-off meal or can be provided to their guests before they leave. Baby showers don’t need entrees, as most guests will only be able to eat appetizers.

What is the Minimum Food Need for a Baby Shower?

How many guests are attending a baby shower determines the amount of food that should be prepared. It is common for guests to bring their own food, making it more difficult to plan. To ensure guests are satisfied, always make sure you have a little more food than is necessary.