Newborns sleeping with pacifiers

Pacifier, Binky, Nuk, Soother, Dummy. I love pacifiers yes for all ages, including newborns, sleepers, and breastfed babies. Parents often ask me questions about newborns using pacifiers to sleep. Let’s discuss why I love pacifiers and how to introduce them to your baby.

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Is it okay for my baby to use a pacifier

My answer to that question will always be “It’s all up to you and to your little one!” Pacifiers are a matter of personal choice. Some babies don’t like pacifiers, but that’s perfectly normal! For many babies, however, pacifiers can be a helpful tool for comfort and relaxation. These are two reasons why I recommend a pacifier to newborns.

1. The pacifier can be used for sucking that is not nutritive.

You must feed a baby if they are hungry. Sometimes, newborns will eat until they are full. This is known as non-nutritive suking. It’s when a newborn tries to eat without getting nutrition or calories.

Your newborn can reap the many benefits of non-nutritive sucking

  • The brain releases endorphins
  • Relaxation promotes
  • Comfort and security
  • It can be a useful tool to promote sleep

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2. SIDS Prevention

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, SIDS rates are significantly lower when pacifiers are used for sleep. This is why I love newborns using a pacifier to sleep. According to the AAP, researchers recommend that infants receive pacifiers to help reduce the risk of SIDS. When the baby is being put to sleep, including night and daytime naps, it should be given a pacifier.

Can breastfed babies use pacifiers?

There is good news! Research has shown that nursing moms who use pacifiers are just as successful as those who do not. Research proves that the myth of nipple confusion is false and that limiting pacifier use does not improve nursing success. Studies have shown that exclusive breastfeeding rates decreased when pacifiers were restricted. Yes! They are great for breastfeeding babies.

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Which pacifier is best for newborns?

Different babies prefer different pacifiers. Some babies prefer a flat nipple while others prefer an oval nipple. Others prefer something more round. There are many options. You have many options when shopping for a baby pacifier. The pacifier should not be too large for the baby’s mouth.

How can I insert a pacifier into my child’s body?

  • Step 1: Swaddle the baby when he/she is calm, awake, not hungry, or tired.
  • Step 2: Place pressure on the middle of your baby’s tongue.
  • Step 3: Move your pacifier around his mouth in circles.
  • Step 4: If your baby is frustrated, you can stop and try again later.

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What happens if my baby won’t accept a pacifier from me?

Some babies will not be interested in a pacifier even if their parents give it to them. It’s OK to let your baby know that it is okay. The pacifier does not have to be used by your newborn. A pacifier is not necessary for a good newborn sleeper.