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School teachers can usually tell the students who have been prepared for their school experience. Parents can help get their young ones ready socially, physically, and intellectually for their first day of school. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Go to the library often, and read bedtime stories. This can prepare your daughter to enjoy learning to read herself. Books can become a treasure, and she will be open to all she can find inside its covers. Let her choose some books to check out of the library, and start to acquire your own home library.

Visit the Dentist

Taking your son to the dentist can be a delightful experience. If you visit a dentist who specializes in integrative pediatric dentistry Los Angeles CA, the office decor will be inviting and the staff will be trained to help your son be as comfortable as possible. Pediatric dentists work with children all day long, and they are good at what they do.

Make Friends

Playing with friends gives your daughter the chance to take turns and to share. These skills will help her adapt to the classroom, where she will be meeting many new friends. She might enjoy being on a soccer team or playing with neighborhood children. Supervised play can be important for pre-schoolers, so keep them within your sight with some friendship activities.

Visit the Doctor

Most school districts require a doctor’s exam before accepting your son as a new student. Immunizations may be required, or in some states, a waiver can be signed. Making sure your child’s growth is progressing is also a comfort to you. Your student’s eyes, ears, heart and strength might be tested, as well. You may find out he needs glasses before starting school.

This is an exciting time in your family’s life. By being ready and looking forward to school, the transition to the classroom can be a delightful one.


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