Surrogacy process as the part of successful infertility treatment will help you to have a totally healthy child. The latest ADONIS Assisted Reproductive Technologies provide the best quality and support from the very beginning of treatment till the discharge.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Medical Centers ADONIS Family are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The whole range of medical assistance services fall under the Ukrainian legislation and norms, and it must be respected.

Surrogacy process with participation of Surrogate mother is fully legalized on the territory of Ukraine, moreover Egg donation and Surrogacy are permitted in case of medical indications.

According to Ukrainian legislation, Surrogate mother should have at least one healthy born own child and shouldn’t have any medical contraindications.

It is allowed to use the oocytes donation or sperm donation in the Surrogacy Program under the specific indications.

Please, pay your special attention, that Surrogate Programs are allowed for officially married heterosexual couples.

ADONIS Surrogate Programs include range of aspects to know:

ADONIS makes sure of the obligatory genetic relationship between a child conceived using Assisted Reproductive Technology and at least one of spouses.

ADONIS makes sure of any genetic relation of Surrogate mother to the child.

ADONIS provides qualitative diagnosis for the patients who are ready to experience Surrogate Program to ensure medical indications to Surrogacy (absence of uterus, 4 and more unsuccessful IVF attempts with transfer of good quality embryos, any somatic diseases with contraindications to conceive and/or labour with the high risk for health and life)

ADONIS ‘own Legal Department provides the all-round help for legalization of patients’ documents thus this is an essential part of the Surrogate process – apostle or legalization of marriage certificate by the authorized state body of the country of origin and patients’ passport, translated into Ukrainian language and notarized.

ADONIS provides the help with the conclusion of Surrogacy agreement with Surrogate mother with obligatory notarization.

ADONIS all-round care

This special period of childbearing is really important for the intended parents. We provide the whole range of conditions to ensure the highest level of closeness to the future baby.

Our intended parents are always in touch with the Surrogate mother, they can control every step of the pregnancy process. The whole range of information (examination results, ultrasound tests, 3D photos) are provided immediately.

ADONIS highly experienced staff is always ready to give you the latest information or to consult you with all professionalism.

ADONIS Center for Surrogacy and Egg donation reviews are speaking for themselves – many people from the whole world are happy parents thanks to our services of Surrogacy.

We provide the ideal combination of quality, price and effectiveness, with Medical Center ADONIS Family you will reach the main goal of happy parenting.

Come for the first consultation and get ready for the new life.