Cowboy Party Games for Kids and Other Activities

Gather your Western friends because it’s time for you to have fun at the ranch with these activities and party games. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our goal is to develop affordable spiele kindergeburtstag 5 products that provide enjoyable, and productive hours, in the current fast-paced and globalized world.

Horse Riding Races

Children can race pool noodles horses or stick horses by lining up. They can race against each other or race in teams.

Make a pool noodle pony by folding the top end over and attaching twine. Add googly eyes and a mane of yarn, craft foam, or fabric to decorate the horse.

Balloon Stampede

Your play area should be filled with balloons. Set the cowpokes free to go on a balloon-popping spree. Before inflating the balloons, fill them with cowboy stickers or temporary tattoos. After the stampede ends, children can return to collect their prizes.

Posters for Homemade Wanted

You will need to prepare for this cowboy party activity in advance. Include a note asking parents to send you a photo of their child when you send your Western party invitations. You can also take photos of your guests and print them right before the event. After you have taken a photo of each guest and printed it, mount it on paper, cardstock or poster board. You should leave enough space below the image to allow the children to create the poster.

On a piece of paper, write one Old West nickname for each guest. These words will be displayed on the wanted posters of party guests in front their real names. Here are some suggestions:

  • Dastardly
  • Coal eyes
  • Rattlesnake
  • Panhandler
  • Lasso
  • Saddle Hands
  • Leather Shoes
  • Bootprint

Place the cowboy nicknames in a cowboy cap.

Place papers that you have committed bad deeds on a second cowboy cap. Combining traditional Wild West crimes such as bank robbery or train hijacking can be combined with silly crimes like stalling at night or burying vegetables in a napkin.

Lasso Toss

Get your friends together for Old West lasso throwing. Real lassos are dangerous and should be avoided. Instead, use a hula hoops or rope rings. The line should be placed at about a fair distance from where the players will stand. Each player will have three chances to wrap the lasso around their horse’s neck.

Beanbag Boot Toss

Set up your cowboy boots on a table to play this game. Draw a line about a foot from the table. Players should stand at the end of the line and throw beanbags at each other. Players who knock over a boot are eligible for prizes.

Rodeo Rides

Attach a saddle to each end of a seesaw. Two adults should be present to help the child climb and descend on each of the saddles.

You can also give rodeo rides by attaching a saddle to a bicycle, red wagon or other suitable ride-on toy. An adult can pull the rider along a course or rodeo ring.

Snake in My Boot Relay

This game is great for any party that celebrates cowboys, but it can also be fun at a Toy Story party. Divide the players into two groups. Each team should be given a cowboy boot. Place two rubber snakes in buckets at the opposite end of the playing area. The signal is given to each team member. They must race to find a rubber snake and return it to their boots. These players tag the next player in line and race to place a serpent in their boots. The relay race continues until one group has all its members collecting a snake and dropping it into its boot.

Tin Can Target Practice

Line up one tin container per player on a table or sawhorse. Stand a few feet away from the cans. Each player will be given a squirt pistol and a bucket with water to refill. The game begins when you signal that it is time to start. Kids will squirt water at cans in an attempt to knock them down. A player who knocks his can over wins a reward. There are a variety of trinket prizes.

Gem Mining

Have your children paint rocks before the party. Mix plain and painted rocks together in a baby pool. Use sieves to give kids the opportunity to mine for gems. This game can also be played in a sandbox. You can also place gold-painted rocks and gold nuggets into the sand, and they will panhandle to get the gold.

Blindfold branding

Pin the Tail on the Donkey, a classic party game, can be changed to fit the theme of any party. Instead of pining a tail on a donkey’s head, this cowboy version has kids stamping a logo on a cow.

A poster of a cow can be hung up. Attach a large sponge to a stick by cutting it into the shape of an horseshoe. Dip the sponge in craft paint. Blindfold the players to see who can get closest to branding a cow in a predetermined spot.

You can also play other variations of the pin-the-tail game:

  • Attach the tail to the horse
  • The badge should be pinned to the sheriff.
  • Put the hat on the cowgirl.
  • Put the boot on the cowboy.