No parent wants their child to be behind the others of his or her age group. They can tend to err on the side of rushing the child before they’re ready. On the other hand, it’s good to know about where your child should be so that you can help them along accordingly.

There are many lists of early childhood development Norwalk CT milestones that parents consult to see if their child is on track. Here are the most important areas of the child’s growth that you’ll have to pay attention to.


One of the first things your baby will discover is that they live in a social world. Attempting to look at people will probably be the first sign that they recognize this fact. Later, the child will learn to speak, to imitate others, to show affection (or the reverse), and to take possession of things. These are all good signs that your child is learning to deal with a world that has people in it.


Children learn more in their first couple of years than older people learn in as many decades. Your child should start with recognizing faces and move on through playing games with blocks and shapes to doing things like remembering stories and naming colors and numbers. These are all essential components in a child’s cognitive development.


Speech is possibly the single most important thing a child learns. They’ll first recognize it by gurgling and turning towards noises. Later they’ll start saying short sentences and pointing to things that are named to them. Eventually, they’ll be singing kids’ songs and telling long stories with all the new words they know.

Remember that the stage of development will always depend on the child. Some children are a little faster and some are a little slower. Don’t rush your child out of fear that they’ll be behind their age group, but at the same time, pay attention to where they’re at and seek advice if they seem to be unusually behind. Most of all, let them have fun, because that’s what childhood’s all about!