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It is not a novelty that Fertility problems can be overcome with the help of the newest medical achievements. One of such progress is the ability to conceive and to carry a baby using Surrogate services and IVF Program.

ADONIS clinics provide the widest variety of Infertility treatment options. Our medical staff include the best representatives from the Reproductive sphere.

ADONIS Surrogacy clinic

When you are ready to start your Infertility treatment – the main and the most essential thing is to choose the clinic with the best equipment, staff and recommendations.

ADONIS Surrogacy clinic is definitely such a choice.

For more than 23 years we have created the opportunities to be parents to families from the whole world. The Surrogacy Department is responsible for complex Infertility Treatment – our patients are surrounded by total support and help from the very start (from the exact time you send the request).

Surrogate database

Surrogate Programs implies services of Surrogate mother to carry and childbearing. ADONIS clinics provide the special opportunity of Surrogate selection from our own Surrogate database. Your safety and confidence is ensured by the strict recruitment of each candidate – ideal health state (both physical and moral), readiness and meeting all the criteria.

Embryo laboratory

The embryo creation is a really complex and crucial process. When Intended parents have no previously cryopreserved embryos for transfer into the uterine cavity of the Surrogate – ADONIS own embryo laboratory offers the highest quality processes which help to create embryos. Your future healthy babies are under the control of real specialists.

Donor base

Legislation of Ukraine allows Surrogate motherhood only when at least one of the Intended parents have direct genetic connection to the future child. In case of severe fertility problems in a partner – ADONIS own Donor base provides selection of Egg or Sperm donors which can be used immediately for your Surrogacy treatment. Anonymity of the Donors do not determine the fact of their purity and safety.


Your best investment into the future – cryopreservation of the biomaterial (eggs, sperm cells, embryos). ADONIS’ own cryo bank means the newest technological equipment which maintains the subzero temperature for a long period of time. Special boxes are not exposed by the X-rays, they are protected from the environmental changes and damages. The quality of your genetic material is ensured for 100% percent.

Surrogacy treatment worldwide

Surrogacy treatment is widespread in the whole world. And the main criteria which needed to be guided by are Quality and Price formation.

For illustrative purposes Surrogacy treatment cost in the USA begins from $90 000, Surrogacy in Canada varies from $70 000 to $90 000.

ADONIS clinics hold one of the lowest prices on the services without affecting the highest quality and care.

The whole range of services included into well-developed Programs which cost of which begins from 35 000 USD, and 55 000 USD for an all-inclusive “UNLIMITED Attempts” Program.

The successful Surrogacy treatment is really close to you. ADONIS International works 24/7 for patients from the whole world. Contact our managers to get more information.


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