How to prepare your child in preschool

8 fun ways to make the transition easier

Your child and your child are both very proud to start preschool. It can be difficult to learn how to spend time together, but it is also exciting to begin the formal learning journey. These eight tips will help you make the transition from preschool easy.

  1. Go together

Plan to meet your child at school before they start their first day. Explore the classroom together, and play on the playground. Playing together will make school a familiar place for them when they begin school on the first day.

  1. Meet new friends

Arrange a playdate with your child’s classmates if you can. This will help them get to know one another before school starts.

  1. Homeschooling together

Pretend play can be used to help your child adjust to preschool. You can take turns performing different routines, such as story time, singing songs, and nap time. Alternate roles can be played and your child could become the teacher. This will encourage your child to see school as a fun environment and decrease anxiety.

  1. Make getting ready a game

You can practice fastening buttons, zippers, and putting on a jacket or coat on a hook. It’s possible to make putting on shoes a game. See how fast you can do it.

  1. Please share your experiences

Tell your child stories about the first time you went to school. How did you feel and what special memories you have. Find preschool photos of you or other trusted adults that your child can look at and discuss them.

  1. Make a new routine

You can start to practice the new bedtimes and wake-up times for preschool a few weeks before school starts. You will both have time to adjust. You could also start a new tradition by picking clothes together before school starts and having breakfast together.

  1. Listen to your child

Ask your child about his or her feelings about school. Reassure them that it is okay to feel anxious, worried, or any other emotion. It can be scary and overwhelming to start something new, but it can also be a lot of fun. Assure your child that they will be there for them at the end of the day. Talk about the routines you have in mind.

  1. Good-bye to your plan

It can be hard for you and your child to say goodbye. It can be difficult for both you and your child to say goodbye. Keep your emotions positive and quick. Reassure your child that you will soon see each other again. A special routine can be created to comfort your child. You could sing together or give a handshake.