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When you decide to go on a trip with your kids, you have a lot to think about and plan for. You want to ensure everyone has what they need to stay comfortable and have a good day, but it can be stressful to remember everything. To help take some of the stress out of the planning, here are some things you should never forget to prepare for a zoo trip.

Pack Outdoor Gear

Even a short time out in the sun can cause significant sunburns. Because zoo trips typically mean hours spent outside, you want to ensure that you adequately protect everyone from the sun. If your kids are picky about what they wear, invite them to pick a hat that they will wear while at the zoo. Additionally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going into the zoo and every few hours after that. Sunglasses can also be helpful to protect everyone’s eyes.

Bring a Wagon

One of the worst parts about going anywhere with kids is the amount of stuff they need. You could put it into a couple of backpacks, but you still won’t have space for food and drinks, and you’re stuck carrying it all. Save your strength and bring a wagon instead.

If you purchase a collapsible wagon, you won’t have to worry about not having enough room in your car for it. A wagon can hold your cooler, backpacks and diaper bags, and it won’t be a strain to pull it around the zoo. Plus, you’ll have somewhere to put the kids if they ever get tired of walking. When buying a wagon, get one with heavy duty wheels, so it can easily go over rough terrain and hold a lot of weight.

Prepare Snacks

It’s inevitable that when you spend a lot of time walking around, you’re going to be extra-hungry. While you may want to splurge and have lunch at the zoo, you’re best off if you bring snacks in yourself. That way, you can better control what everyone is eating and save some money at the same time.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

No matter how much your child wants to wear their favorite princess shoes or flip-flops, make sure that everyone wears comfortable walking shoes. Not wearing the right shoes is one of the quickest ways to ruin a good day. Blisters can start forming in just a few minutes when you wear the wrong shoes.

Additionally, it’s helpful to check the weather before you go, so you know what to wear. Dress in layers, so you can take the top layer off if the weather starts to warm up.


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